We all know it’s happening. Technology is developing faster than we can keep track and the result is more efficient ways to do everything.

So what does artificial intelligence, Facebook Bots, Apple Pay and “Swiping Right”  have in common? They’re the future of mobile donations & online fundraising.

The items listed in this article are all things that currently exist and are growing in popularity. We cover specific donation-based software, new technology, specific hardware & trending user experience methodologies.

Everything listed is intended to allow the transfer of funds to happen more effortlessly between a giver and a receiver.

Remember the e-commerce boom of the late 90s and early 2000s? The world went from wondering “is it safe to enter my credit card online?” to “Can I use Apple Pay to buy that?” in a few short years.

Mittun’s Predictions:

“Add-it-to-my-phone-bill” Donations

Donate to anything by simply adding the tab to your phone bill via text, email or calling in. This is already happening, but it’s only going to become more popular in the years to come.

One-tap Apple Pay donations

The more integrated Apple Pay becomes, the easier it’s going to be to make a donation in one tap, wave or jiggle of an iPhone.

One-click Amazon Pay donations

Amazon seems to be acquiring companies just as fast as it adds products to its inventory. Already signed into your Amazon account? Now you’ll be able to donate in one tap. (Ok, probably more like 2-3 taps)

Swipe-to-Give Donations

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that swiping left, right, up and down is coming to the world of online donations and fundraising next. Soon we’ll see campaigns that allow you to swipe right to donate or swipe left to pass.

Accelerated Mobile Pages that load Fast AF

Google is changing the game again and for good reason. Too often we see websites loading way too slowly. With the rise of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), donation pages that use to load slow on mobile will now load super duper fast. If your web page doesn’t load in 5 seconds or less, you’re inevitably losing out on donations and AMP is here to change that and so is Mittun.

Facebook Donation Bots

Bots are the new thing. A bot is essentially an app or website that can exist within another app or website. Confusing to understand, easy to implement. Pretty soon you’ll be able to open up Facebook Messenger and simply “tap to give” via a nice little donation bot.

Social Media Donations

Online fundraising & mobile donatiosn are coming in hot through the world of social media. Currently you see ads as you mindlessly scroll through you feed. Pretty soon you’ll see “tap to save a life” replacing ads and making it easier to give. Pay attention to your feed throughout the rest of 2017 and 2018. You’ll notice options to give just as readily available as clicking an ad.

Competitive Giving

Imagine 181 college students packed into an auditorium to learn about philanthropy. The professor states that they’ll be hosting an on-campus event to feed the homeless. He then states that the “first person to donate a dollar will receive free food across campus for a month”.  The outcome? $181 in donations in less than 60 seconds.

Make it competitive, make it fun, make more donations. 

The inevitable Online Giving Boom is happening all around us. We hope you enjoyed our predictions for the future of Mobile Donations & Online Fundraising.

Did we miss anything? Feel like something is “definitely going to happen” that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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