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Last week, Mittun had the pleasure of attending the Classy Collaborative. This virtual event allowed us to meet other professionals in the nonprofit sector, learn more about how we can support mission-based organizations, and be the first to hear about new trends that will affect fundraising. While there is no way we can sum up all we learned in a single blog post, we are excited to share some of the highlights with you in this virtual event recap.

Fundraising & Marketing

It is no surprise that fundraising was a prominent topic during the event. Nonprofits need to raise money in order to do good in the world! But these sessions weren’t centered around classic methods of fundraising. They touched on how the fundraising world is changing thanks to COVID, technology, and the next generation.

Takeaway #1: Everyone can be a philanthropist

Not just those who write massive checks. Not just the ones who have been donating for a decade. Everyone. Invite in the people who can donate their time and talents. Make space for the younger generation who can “only” give $10 a month. Educate those who will be future supporters.

Takeaway #2: One-time donors become repeat donors

The topic of recurring giving came up over and over again. Did you know that 49% of Generation Z donors are recurring donors? Subscription-based giving is the way of the future, and there are steps you can take to modernize your recurring giving program.

Takeaway #3: Meet your donors where they are.

Physically, virtually, and emotionally. Virtual fundraisers aren’t going away. Neither is social media. And neither is your website. While nurturing the in-person relationships that are coming back, you can’t afford to step back from the digital world.

Data Trends & Technology

Where would we be right now without technology? While the conference has the intention of focusing on the future, there is no denying that the past year is dictating how we move forward. Technology, in many ways, bridged the gap between people and their essential needs. Nonprofits found creative ways to utilize technology to ensure that their communities were safe during such a trying time.

Takeaway #1: Leverage technology.

As basic as it may seem, technology can help us out. A lot. It can be easy to put new technology on the backburner while addressing more important issues. But taking a beat to put these best practices in place will help you stand apart and do even more good.

Takeaway #2: Text messaging is an accepted way to communicate with supporters.

But there is a right way and a wrong way. Before you launch a texting campaign, make sure you are aligning your message with your goals, considering your audience, and following best practices.

Takeaway #3: Data. Data. Data.

Data is an essential tool to determine what is working and who you are reaching. And with so many virtual events over the past year, most nonprofits have more data than they have ever had before. Now is the time to dive in and analyze it.


While 2020 was chaotic and many of us felt like we were barely keeping up, it was also a pause. We were forced to reflect on a lot of issues – equity, justice, and humanity – just to name a few. We all have the responsibility to move forward with our work, whatever it may be, with a social justice lens and respect for all.

Takeaway #1: Fear less and fail more.

Making bold moves will help you advance your mission. So many people are striving for perfection that they forget that taking a chance might be the best thing that ever happened for their organization.

Takeaway #2: Uproot traditional fundraising and uplift the community.

With equity intertwined into nearly every aspect of life, we must take a pause to take note of any institutional principles and practices that are no longer serving every member of the community in order to drive positive social change.

Takeaway #3: Keep your promises.

Holding ourselves accountable is essential. It builds our integrity and our relationships. No matter how small the commitment, keep your promise.

What now?

We will continue to dive deeper into many of these topics on our blog because we truly want to share our knowledge with nonprofits. And we want to share our skills. Mittun is the premier website provider for nonprofits and mission-based organizations. Whether you have a question, an idea, or a project, we would love to talk with you.

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