The Mittun Model

An effective approach to delivering outstanding results.
Choose between 30, 60 or 90 days for your production timeline.

Key Milestones

Below is a sample timeline for critical milestones & due dates. 

Day 1
  • Payment Due
  • Project Kickoff
Day 7
  • Initial Content Due
Day 14
  • Sitemap & Wireframes
Day 21
  • Design Review
Day 35
  • Website Prototype Review
  • Payment Due
Day 60
  • Final Payment Due
  • Website Goes Live!

Website Production Timeline

Below is an example timeline for a website that’s launched
in 60 days & has 3 months of support. 

Day 1

Project Kickoff

You complete the questionnaire & make a deposit.

Day 2

Strategy Meeting

A collaborative discussion to understand your objectives & uncover key insights

Day 3

Temporary Holding Page

Splash page up at your domain (optional)

Day 7

Initial Content Due

All initial home page content is required by this date

Day 11

Primary Content Due

You provide us with approved content for at least 5 pages

Day 14

Sitemap & Wireframes

We deliver a complete roadmap of how the site should be built to achieve your goals

Day 21

Design Round One

We deliver a complete set of mockups to review

Day 28

Website Content Due

You provide us with all remaining site content if different than your current website

Day 35

Clickable Prototype Round One

We deliver a complete prototype for you to review

Day 42

Final Content Due

The last day to submit content for the website

Day 49

Final Website Review

We show you a fully working website that’s ready for final testing & review

Day 56

Final Edits Submitted

You provide final edits before going live

Day 60

Launch Website

Your website is successfully launched at!

Day 75

Online Training

We provide you with exclusive access to how-to videos & documentation to manage your website like a pro.

Day 90

Performance Review

We review, test and benchmark your site’s performance based on your original objectives

Day 100

Update & Improve

We improve your website based on our findings & iterate as needed.

Day 150

Support Renewal Date

The last day of your included support. Maximize your investment with a MittunCare+ Website plan to maintain a healthy & effective website for years to come.

150+ Ongoing

MittunCare+ Support Plan

Take care of your investment with an ongoing protection plan. We monitor, manage & support your website for as long as you need it. Send us your requests, watch them get done & plan your free time.

Detailed Process

Below is a breakdown of the Mittun Model for successfully launching a new website.
This process is constantly improving & is a refined version of the last 100+ websites we’ve launched.


Make deposit & submit questionnaire

  • Gather info via questionnaire
  • Set goals & define objectives
  • Audit current website
  • Determine target audience
  • Uncover true priorities

Prioritize an action plan to achieve your goals

  • Define what success looks like
  • Determine minimum valuable product
  • Determine maximum value product
  • Organize & prioritize content
  • Build sitemap of how it all ties together
  • Create wireframes to display content

Design visual hierarchy & site layout

  • Design preferences & mood boards
  • Flowcharts & mockups
  • High-fidelity design prototypes
  • Variations, feedback & iterations

Create & build a premium product

  • Setup technology stack
  • Build clickable prototype
  • Input of all final content
  • Build, test, optimize

Publish your new website

  • Input of final content
  • Integrate analytics & site metrics
  • Search engine optimization
  • QA testing & on all devices
  • Publish website at!

Update, manage & improve

  • Access to priority support
  • How-to videos & online training
  • Ongoing management, updates & improvements
  • Fix-it-insurance: updates, bugs or hacking
  • Ongoing support

What you need to provide

Below is a breakdown of the required elements & desired outcomes of successfully launching a new website.  

You Provide:

  • Honest answers, a clear vision & a down payment.
  • Availability to talk for 1-2 hours, in person or over the phone
  • Style guides, design preferences, Pinterest mood board or similar.
  • Login/password to your domain registrar, hosting account provider & website analytics.
  • Access to donation/payment platform, email marketing platform & other 3rd party integrations.
  • Well-organized website content for each page (headline text, body copy, photos, videos, media, etc.)
  • Well-organized & properly prepared website content for each page.
  • Consolidated feedback from one primary point person.
  • Quick revision requests & approvals on each round of sitemaps, wireframes, mockups & prototypes.
  • Final review, final approval & a final payment (if applicable).


  • A custom project dashboard & ideal starting point.
  • Creativity, professional insight & fresh ideas.
  • A one-to-few-page PDF that outlines the strategic roadmap for how it all comes together.
  • Approval of current technology stack or recommendations for improvements
  • A secure place to collect, manage & store your website logins.
  • Clear instructions on how to prepare, package and provide content.
  • A safe place to store, backup and consolidate your content.
  • A round of revisions & iterations for each stage.
  • Original sitemaps, wireframes, mockups & clickable prototypes.
  • A successfully launched & live site with technical support.

How To Organize & Prepare Your Content

Content preparation is the most critical component (on your to-do list) to launching a successful website project.   

Step 1: Download Your Website Preparation Cheat Sheet

Download our Getting Started guide & view the Google Doc Cheat Sheet to fully understand what it’s like to work with Mittun.

Getting Started Guide (PDF)

Download The Guide

Cheat Sheet (Google Doc Outline)

View The Doc

Step 2: Getting Online

Step #1:

Getting Online

To get a new website, you will need a domain and a hosting account. If you don’t have one or the other, here are some helpful links to get you started. You will need both of these before we can work on your website.


GoDaddy — Get your domain



GoDaddy — Get your hosting account

BlueHost — Get your hosting account

Step 3: Preparing Your Content

Step #2:

Preparing Your Content

Getting a new website is an exciting process. It also means you have to do some homework on your end to ensure the process goes smoothly. What do you want on your site? Do you have all your content ready? Which pages do you want?


Start by organizing all of your content by page. If you don’t have anything yet, let us know and we can guide you through this process.

Assuming you do have content, the best way to do this is to create folders with a name of the page they represent. For example, you would have your main folder called “Your Website” and then folders in that folder, labeled “Home” “About” “Services” “Programs” etc.

Within each subfolder (i.e., “about”) you will need to include a Word Doc. that contains all relevant information you want on the page. See the graphic below for further instruction.

Step 4: Naming Files Correctly

Step #3:

Naming Files Correctly

Keywords & Descriptors: (Must have)

Company: Moxie Creative of San Diego.
Specialization: Event design & management, Floral Design

Here’s an example for the company below…

Bad file name: 0129_FJ.jpg
Good File name: floral-design-san-diego-moxie-creative-events-1.jpg

It’s a good practice to end the file name with a number or a date, so we/you can reference which image is which. So let’s say you have 5 photos from floral design, you can label them appropriately by using the same prefix, and just changing the last digit. This helps with SEO and also allows us/you to know which file goes where.

Dimensions: (nice to have)

Another good practice is to include the dimensions of the file. So let’s say you have one image that’s 1200×450 px and another that’s a thumbnail at 250×250. You can do the following:

1200 x 450 px: floral-design-san-diego-moxie-creative-events-1200-by-450-1.jpg
250 x 250 px: floral-design-san-diego-moxie-creative-events-250-by-250-1.jpg

Some more examples:

Company: Mittun (Mitten United, Inc.)
What: Creative Design Agency, picture of company founder

Here’s an example for the company below…

Bad file names:

Good File name:

Keyword stuffing isn’t necessary, it simply allows you, us, Google, etc— to find you easier. If the image might exist on multiple pages, then there’s no need to include “home-page” or “about-page” in the file name.

View the full article here.

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