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What is ClassyPress?

A premium WordPress donation plugin that allows you to easily add
your campaigns to your website

Add things like…

Donation Forms

Progress Bars

Activity Feeds

Team Leaderboards

Top Fundraisers

How does ClassyPress work?

Used by over 125 progressive nonprofits

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ClassyPress is the industry-leading solution for adding Classy to your WordPress website.
Join over 125 progressive nonprofits that are actively using ClassyPress right now.

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If you’re not 100% satisfied with your plugin for any reason whatsoever, you can request a refund within 21 days of purchase and we’ll refund you in full. Your plugin will stop working immediately & we will be sad to see you go.

We also offer customized API solutions for innovative nonprofits & social enterprises.
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How do I know if I need ClassyPress PRO?

ClassyPress Pro allows you to quickly add donation forms, progress bars, team leaderboards, top fundraisers, campaign activity feeds, campaign directory listings and a whole lot more. If you want to create any of this without spending a fortune on custom API development— then ClassyPress Pro is for you.

Do I need to have an account with Classy?

Yes. ClassyPress Pro requires an active account on Classy with API access.

If I start with a monthly plan and decide to upgrade later on, is there a discount?

Yes. If you decide to upgrade to ClassyPress’s yearly subscription within the first 14 days, you’ll be pro-rated the difference. However, if you decide to upgrade after 14 days, then you’ll have to start a new yearly subscription.

What’s the difference between monthly & yearly subscriptions?

There’s virtually no difference between the subscription plans except with a massive savings of over 40%.

What’s on the horizon? What updates can we expect?

We’re working closely with Classy to deploy the latest features into WordPress as soon as they become available. You can expect ClassyPress PRO by Mittun to grow with Classy!

Can I have the PRO version and FREE version installed on the same WordPress site?

Nope. This is not possible. You will need to deactivate one before activating the other.

What am I purchasing?

A .zip file with the plugin files + priority email support + continuous plugin updates as we release them.

Can I add this to my site myself? How does this work?

Yes! ClassyPress works with any WordPress website and is a simple, plug-n-play solution with no coding skills required. Want to see it in action? Schedule your free demo today!

Can Mittun help our organization set up our campaign?

Absolutely. Reach out to us here.

Where is the support page?

Right here:

Can I download the free version first, and upgrade to PRO later?

Absolutely! You will have to uninstall your free version for the PRO version to work, though.

What is the difference between ClassyPress PRO & Classy’s WordPress plugin on GitHub?

The difference is the plugin’s depth & customization options. ClassyPress by Mittun is a robust, powerful plugin that has the ability to easily add donation forms, progress bars, leaderboards and more— all with advanced customization options to match your organization’s branding. Classy’s plugin is a solid codebase for developers to start with and is not recommended for the non-coding user.

The industry-leading solution for adding Classy Fundraising to your nonprofit website

ClassyPress PRO by Mittun Logo - Branding

ClassyPress PRO

$ Everything you need to add Classy to your WordPress website

Per Month
    • Create unlimited donation forms
    • Show campaign progress bars
    • One-click popup forms
    • Team leaderboards
    • Top fundraiser leaderboards
    • Campaign activity feed
    • Show list of campaigns
    • Priority support
    • Access to ClassyPress V2.0
    Yearly AccessMonthly Access

Nonprofits Love ClassyPress

ClassyPress has been a must-have tool for us in creating a native Classy experience on our WordPress site. It’s incredibly customizable and is easy to learn. We’re a small team wearing a lot of hats and ClassyPress allows us to spend more time working on our core mission of building a movement and inspiring action.

Philip Keeton / One Day’s Wages

See the plugin in action here

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See the plugin in action. Schedule your free demo today.

ClassyPress Changelog

See how ClassyPress has improved & take a look at our future plans.

View ClassyPress Change Log

V1.6.3 – Latest Version – 9.25.2018

  • New one-click campaign page creation!
  • New styles on leaderboards and event listings
  • Utilizes aggregated API logic to drastically improve loading speeds
  • Fixed various CSS issues

V1.5.1 – 5.28.2018

  • Fixed pass-through parameters for donations forms
  • Fixed import CSS issues

V1.3.5 – 1.22.2018

  • Fixed Object Error on Donation Forms
  • Fixed 2 column leaderboard defaulting to 3 columns

V1.3.3 – 12.27.2017

  • Fixed 2 column leaderboard defaulting to 3 columns

V1.3.2 – 12.23.2017

  • UPDATE: Major Speed Improvements throughout codebase
  • UPDATE: Removed beta stats dashboard that caused major lag on larger Classy accounts
  • UPDATE: Improved CSS
  • UPDATE: unminified popup .js file that caused virus blocker warnings on PC machines
  • NEW FEATURE: Create donation forms without API access (Add Donation Form tab in ClassyPress)
  • UPDATED: Combine Feature allowing aggregated totals for multiple campaigns

V1.3.0 – Major Logic Rewrite

  • ADDED: Secure Acess Token Caching — the plugin is 5X faster now!
  • REMOVED: Import Data feature

V1.2.03 – 11.13.2017

  • Import Data From Classy
  • Cron Update for Latest Data Check
  • Donation Form Button Style Issue
  • Pop Up form issue fixed

V1.1.09 – Latest Version – 10.07.2017

  • Adding Slide In – Out form feature
  • Campaign Dashboard Stat Feature
  • New Welcome Screen Page
  • Global style bug fixing

V1.1.05 – Latest Version – 9.11.2017

  • Option to on/off auto upgrade check

V1.1.04 – Latest Version – Released on: 8.31.2017

  • Fixed bug that prevented leaderboards to display more than 20

V1.1.03 – Released On: 6.23.2017

  • UPDATED: Updated event section + layout enhancements
  • UPDATED: Shortcode bug fix

V1.1.02 – Released On: 6.4.2017

  • UPDATED: 3 column CSS enhancements
  • UPDATED: Style 2 Thermometer size in 3 column layouts


  • FIXED: Campaign checkout url override by default global setting
  • NEW: 3 column support for events and leaderboards
  • UPDATED: Dynamic height calculation for grid list view
  • NEW: Display or Hide API key information
  • NEW: Unique IDs for campaigns, events and leaderboards


  • FIXED: Non-active campaign from displaying
  • ADDED: More controls for leaderboards and Events


  • UPDATED: Avatar images for activity feed
  • ADDED: Text color options for new Fundraise and Donate buttons


  • REMOVED: Decimals in leaderboards


  • NEW: Combined Campaign Logic
  • Overall improvements and bug smashing


  • NEW Campaign Option: Custom fundraise and Donate buttons
  • Overall CSS improvements


  • Smashed some bugs, overall improvements


  • NEW: Default donation amount setting
  • NEW: Donate buttons per team, individual and event listing
  • NEW: Dollar amounts now round up to match Classy exactly
  • UPDATED: Better CSS styling for popup, short form and long form
  • UPDATED: Form logic and user flow


  • Team Leaderboards, 1 and 2 columns
  • Individual Leaderboards, 1 and 2 columns
  • Event listing
  • Improved CSS styling


  • CSS improvements


  • Custom checkout URL override


  • Include/not include registration fees

V1.0.07 – First non-beta Pro Release – 11.14.2016

  • Custom campaign settings per campaign
  • Short form option

V1.0.06 – beta release
V1.0.05 – beta release

  • Fixed php errors

V1.0.04 – beta release 

  • Updated codebase

V1.0.03 – beta release with API 2 

  • Updated codebase

V1.0.03 – beta release with API 2 – 6.1.2016

  • Classy API 2 integration
  • Updated file structure

V1.0.02 – beta update  – 3.14.2016

  • Codebase update

V1.0.01 – Initial Beta Release – 4.11.2013

We’re proud to announce the official beta release of ClassyPress!

  • Initial beta release
  • Integration with classy API 1
  • Embeddable donation form with progress bar

ClassyPress Roadmap

V1.6.0 – Upcoming Release Date (expected) – 8.1.2018

  • New vertical progress bars
  • New circle progress bars
  • Streamlined options selector
  • Admin notification for API server status & downtime

V2.0 – Upcoming Release Date (expected) – 9.1.2018

  • Brand new plugin and code base
  • Accept donations directly on your site
  • Embeddable checkout forms
  • Classy-to-WordPress one-click campaign creation
  • Enterprise licenses for multiple sites & subdomains