How long does it take to get a new website?

That depends on several factors, but the average time for the last 75 website projects we’ve worked on is 6-10 weeks. This is from start (deposit received) to completion (when the website goes live).

What is the process?

1.) Discovery.

The first step in the process is to see if we’re a good fit for your project. We do this by having you fill out a website questionnaire, located here. 

Once you submit this initial form, the process is in motion. An account manager will follow up within 1 business day to schedule a complimentary 15 minute website consultation.

If we both feel like this is a good fit, we dive right in. An initial proposal is signed, a deposit is made and the research begins.

2.) Research

What is it that we want to achieve? Who else is doing it successfully? Is what we have no even working? How many people click the donate button in the top right?

The only way to know if you improve, is to know where you started from. We’ll research every aspect of your current site, competitors, marketplace and set benchmarks we can perform against. We’ll lay the foundation for everything to come.

3.) Goals.

We set goals and agree on mini milestones along the way. We decide if something isn’t yielding the results after X amount of months, we change. The whole point of a website redesign is to get better. If something doesn’t work— change it. It’s that simple. That’s the Mittun Way.

4.) Strategy.

This is where we put it all together with an action plan. Assigned tasks are created, roles are delagated, blueprints are layed. We’re ready.

5.) Design

Good music and lots of coffee. White boards and sketch pads. Mastermind creative smackdowns. We get to work.

6.) Review & Revise

You get to review what we’ve done and we collaborate on ways to make it better. If it’s not in alignment with your vision, we discuss why, agree on some general concepts to change, and we get back to work.

7.) Implementation.

Servers. Hosting, Domains. Code. WordPress. This is the fun part. We get waist deep in code to build your vision to life. A clicking prototype is available for preview after 7 days.

8.) Content Integration

Adding content takes time, so it’s best you have all your pages compiled into nicely formatted Word Docs to make this process smooth. We upload images, files and populate all pages, posts— everything.

9.) Test & Debug

Test every page of the website on every modern device. Mobile. Tablet. Laptop. Big Screen. Everything. We make sure it’s perfect and you make sure your messaging is accurate.

10.) Launch Party

You give the site one final review and then give us the thumbs up. We flip the switch and the site goes live! Hard work pays off and new business pours in instantly.

Why WordPress?

WordPress allows you to easily manage your content after your site is live. In the old days, you would have to contact a web developer to update anything on your site. With a MittunMade site built on WordPress, you can literally update your home page text from your phone. Yes, we’re serious.

On top of that, the WordPress framework is the most dependable CMS in existence. That means more resources, more plugins, more extensions to do practically anything you can imagine.

In short, WordPress is the best choice for your website framework.

What about website hosting?

Mittun can only build websites with full, unrestricted web host access. This means that if your website is hosted on a shared server with a legacy hosting company that simply “cannot” give us root server access, we cannot build your website. And trust us— you don’t want your site hosted with them anyway, as it’s grounds for disaster.

We highly recommend using a large-scale website hosting provider to host your website. Nearly every website-related issue can be broken down to an outdated server or outdated web host.

The advantage of going with a major website hosting provider is the following:

  • 24/7 support
  • Reliable infrastructure
  • Scalable
  • Works with anything
  • Constantly updated
  • Millions of resources, plugins, add-ons and tutorials

Our favorite web hosts (in no particular order):

  • Pantheon
  • Flywheel
  • WPengine
  • GoDaddy with cPanel
  • Hostgator with cPanel

Do you build custom WordPress themes or do you start with a WordPress theme of choice?

We can build custom themes. We also have several favorite WordPress themes. We usually start with wireframes/mockups first and then customize a WordPress theme to match exactly what you would want.

Can you build me a custom WordPress plugin?

We can design, create & build custom WordPress plugins for your website. We recommend researching for preexisting solutions first, as custom plugin development can be rather costly— depending on the requested/needed functionality.

If down the road we decide to make additions/updates to the website - how is that billed?

It depends if you’re still using or covered under Mittun Support or not, and the depth of the project. If you are still under a support plan, you will be allowed a number of updates/improvements per month. These classify as under 30 minutes.

For Mittun Members (people on a support retainer) the cost is included with your monthly plan.

For one-up requests, the flat-rate cost for most web work is $150 for the first hour and then $100/hr after that. (1 hr = $150, $2 hrs = $250, 3 hrs = $350, etc.)

For intense, special requests (like coding a script to fly to the moon), or emergency 24/7 support (like requesting updates at 3AM on a Sunday) the rate is $200/hr*

*Disclaimer: We cannot (and will not) fly you to the moon with a script within your website.  Sorry. But we can code other ridiculously awesome things that work like magic and make people very happy. 

Will you guys write copy for me?

Copywriting is an additional service not included with the website redesign. If you need copywriting services, let us know and we can provide a separate estimate for that.

Do you build SEO into the website as part of the proposal?

Yes, definitely. We also use SEO in the way we name files for the website and we set up Google Analytics so you can track which pages people are visiting the most/least etc.

Is it built using the latest WordPress version utilizing current features (new content editor, etc)?

Yes, whether we build out a fresh site or work on an existing site we will update to the latest version of WordPress. We will install a drag and drop builder as well to make things easy to update.

Wordpress has known to be slow, do you apply techniques in the theme/plugins/otherwise to make it faster for page load times?

Yes of course. It is important to save your images/files for the web to help increase the speed of your site. We also have other techniques we use such as minifying the CSS/JS on the site and utilizing speed/caching plugins when needed.

What type of training does Mittun provide so that we know how to update the content on our website? Is it live one-on-one training via screen share? Or providing instruction videos/manuals?

We provide a User Manual which is a PDF with directions on how to use your new WordPress site. We also create “How To videos” and share those with you as well. If further training is needed, we can also have a couple training video call sessions.

After the website is built does Mittun provide the original files used for the design (illustrator / Photoshop / etc) for the custom graphics built into the site?

For our base packages, Mittun does not include raw design files

  • These files are available for any package over $25,000
  • These files can be purchased as an add-on for any base website package smaller than $25k

For our enterprise packages, Mittun does include raw design files

How much time is required on our end?

A minimum of 1 hour per week, especially during the feedback stages.

Is the HTML clean and easy to read?

Mittun utilizes the WordPress framework which is valid, clean, easy to read and open sourced.

Mittun utilizes premium plugins whenever possible that are valid, clean and easy to read.

Mittun utilizes premium themes whenever possible that are valid, clean and easy to read.

Mittun builds custom themes/plugins when applicable, and ensures code is valid, clean and easy to read (human-friendly).

NOTE: Minification, compression and loading speeds:

  • Mittun will minify code to speed up performance. When minifying files, they become unreadable by a human.
  • Minifying is the industry standard
  • When minifying a file, there are ways to unminify it for editing purposes/reading purposes

What happens after the support period ends?

You’ll receive a minimum of 5 how-to videos along with step-by-step instructions on how to manage and update your website. If you feel that you need guidance and help after this point, Mittun offers Website Care Plans starting at $99/mo depending on the level of service that you need.

Are 3 interior pages enough?

Typically, yes. It really depends on how many “unique presentations” of your content you’d like set up initially, that differs from the home page. If your website has 15 or less pages then 3 interior pages is enough. If you have a lot more than that, then you’ll likely want some more interior page templates. And since the website will be built with an intuitive drag-and-drop page builder, and you’ll be able to clone/copy unlimited pages yourself— the three interior pages are a fantastic starting point and you can always upgrade to more page templates later on.

What type of custom animations (css / javascript) is included with the design?

Mittun utilizes CSS and JS to allow for smooth, modern experiences for the user, giving them a “feeling” when they interact with an element on the page. The feeling is achieved with subtle interactions, transitions and animations that let the user know they are connecting with an element on the website.

  • Mittun can include any 3rd-party CSS or JS files as long as they do not have any known vulnerabilities or security risks
  • Mittun can include specific animation scripts if/when requested by the website owner
  • In other words — Mittun can essentially include any type of animation.

The things to consider are:

  • How does this affect the loading speed of the site?
  • How does this animation affect the mobile user experience?
  • Is this animation necessary?
  • Does this animation cause confusion?
  • Does this animation make things better for the user?

Do the themes typically update well when WordPress makes updates?

Yes, updating the theme is pretty simple. We make all our changes to sites using a child theme, so we don’t have to worry about anything being overwritten. The themes we use rarely need updating and always update well when WordPress makes major updates.

Do you utilize CDN for static content? Is it only if we host with you? Can we host the website on our hosting provider?

Yes, we host on Pantheon which is our favorite hosting provider because they are very fast and provide a development and testing environment which allows us to test every aspect of the website, such as different themes, plugins etc without affecting the live site. Pantheon uses a global CDN, which increases the speed of a site by fetching static assets from your site’s server and caching them on their servers. When a browser makes a request to visit your site, the static contents are served via the CDN rather than by your site. Depending on the provider, utilizing CDN is likely still an option most hosting providers utilize CDN.

Is all development work done in-house by Mittun staff? Is any part of the work contracted out?

On a regular day to day basis the majority of work (99%) is done in house thru the Mittun development team. On rare occasions we do use other integration specialists as needed. We do not randomly contract work to a freelancer. They must be a legit company or agency.

When you export/import our blogs (past two years - approx. 30 blogs), will you manually clean up the imported blogs to make sure that images appear correctly, tagging is correct, etc.? Or will we need to do that?

When we export/import blogs we will manually clean up everything, check tagging, and make sure everything imported correctly. We also make sure it looks exactly how you want it to look.

Why does my website have a slow loading time?

Issue: Slow server
Resolution: Better website host

Issue: Invalid SSL, causing security issues
Resolution: Install valid SSL secure certificate

Issue: Bad plugin, causing script conflicts and database errors
Resolution: Remove or fix broken plugin

Issue: Not enough memory, sometimes pages just timeout and go blank
Resolution: Increase the memory limit of WordPress website 

Issue: Image file sizes are too big, not optimized for web
Resolution: Resave all images in a compressed, optimized-for-web format

Issue: Too many scripts that are poorly coded
Resolution: Consolidate scripts, minify scripts when possible, clean up code

How do you capture important data for emails/visits/etc.?

  • Email Pop Ups
  • Saving contact form submissions into the website’s database
  • Using advanced analytics to track users
  • Using heatmap tracking software to track specific clicks and where users hover
  • A/B testing two variables, to see which option gets more clicks (send 50% of users to option A, 50% of users to option B, and see which option gets more conversions. Then, after this sample size, implement the winning variation for the remainder of the campaign.)

Is there a way to build the website now with our current branding, but plan for “new branding” in the future, without a ton of extra costs or complications?

The best way to revisit your branding is prior to rebuilding your website, so the brand can guide design decisions. However, we understand that this might not be possible, and our design process allows for this. Let us know if you plan on redoing your branding in the near future so your website designs are objective and goal based, rather than based on the current branding. We can always change fonts and colors after the site is live, with minimal development hours required.

What do we do about imagery? Can you help us get photos and look into stock photography options?

Yes, absolutely! This is the most common struggle our partners have and we have a solution to make this a non-issue. We’ll use our royalty free stock photos as a starting point, and give you paid options to choose from as well. You only pay for photos that you have to, and we’ll always let you know if we have rights to use a photo or not. If you decide you love a photo but we don’t have the rights to use it, we can find a similar one that we do have the rights to.

How do I cancel my ClassyPress Pro subscription?

The fastest way to cancel your ClassyPress Pro subscription is to email us at “” with “ClassyPress Pro – Cancellation Request” in the subject line. Make sure to email us from the email you have on file, AND provide the original order number. You can find your order number in your original email confirmation receipt, as well as right here: 

Once we receive your request we will cancel your subscription immediately.

If you can’t access your account from the my-account link referenced above, reset your password using the email you originally used when purchasing the plugin, click the link in the email (check your spam folder) and follow the steps to login. If you have any issues, just ask!

Do you offer refunds?

Mittun is proud to offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on any product we sell or any services we provide. You must return the product back to us in its entirety and cannot use any portion of the product or service moving forward. You must request the refund prior to the 15th day, by emailing us at with the details of your request.


  • Special events or short-term projects with a life spanning less than 14 days: No refunds provided. If you need a new website for a 2-day event (for example), and then ask for a refund after this 2-day event is complete, we cannot provide it as the website was 100% utilized for that 2-day period.
  • New Websites: Refund window varies. New websites are complex builds and project specifics are determined on a per-project basis, pending timeline and scope. Mittun’s return policy and money-back guarantee is shared with you prior to making the first payment.
  • A-la-carte development requests: Refund window is (3) days. We allocate resources immediately and cannot resell or reuse custom, one-off projects with specific requirements.

Still have questions? Contact us here.