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The AJA Foundation needed a new website and new branding to go with it. Designed to be inviting to all, it encouraged users to learn about the program and inspire them to action.

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Website Features

Mobile-Friendly/Responsive Design

With mobile use on the rise, it was paramount that the website worked properly and loaded quickly on phones & tablets. Mittun ensured this was possible by creating a fully responsive website that looked good on all devices.

Interactive Pie Chart

Sure, a static pie chart would have gotten the information across. But by making it interactive, more people read it, some were driven to action, and the page got an SEO boost due to people hanging around a little longer.

“Mittun provided great value for what we received. From the brand work to the design of the website, I believe that the service and final products were well worth the investment.”

Colleen McKennaExecutive Director, AJA Foundation

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