DESIGN. UX. GAMIFICATION. DEVELOPMENT came to us with the goal of being the largest community for doing good, and we helped them get there. By developing a custom directory and democratizing giving to allow people without money to contribute, got the results they wanted. And more.

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Website Features

Mobile-Friendly/Responsive Design

With mobile use on the rise, it was paramount that the website worked properly and loaded quickly on phones & tablets. Mittun ensured this was possible by creating a fully responsive website that looked good on all devices.

Click to Help Trivia

A customized site doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the simplicity of the user experience is what makes this one so successful. asks its users to do nothing more than click a single button to do good in the world, all while tracking their impact.

NGO Portal/Directory

A good website offers its users relevant information. But a great website offers it in a convenient, organized and intuitive way. Mittun creates each site with the user-experience at the forefront, and when a nonprofit comes to us with a vast amount of resources for its community, we make sure each user can find exactly what it is they need.


Friendly competition goes a long way in driving donations. It can boost how much and how often people are inspired to donate to a cause – without them feeling like they are being strong-armed into generosity. Instead, it is a way to invite them in to the community and feel even more personally connected to the mission.

Profile with Badges/Rank

Seeing their name on a leaderboard or earning a badge gives people that “feel good” energy (and bragging rights) to keep them coming back for more. By making a profile, users can then earn badges and level up based on how many times they click.

Ad Placement

The ads on this site act more like sponsors of the mission as opposed to traditional ad placements. Each time the page refreshes so that the users can interact with the content, essentially receives a donation for the placement.

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