Child Apraxia Treatment


This organization needed a site that worked for both service providers and parents of patients. Having a well-organized site on both the front and back end while making it visually appealing positioned Child Apraxia Treatment as a comforting place to find expert advice.

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Mobile-Friendly/Responsive Design

With mobile use on the rise, it was paramount that the website worked properly and loaded quickly on phones & tablets. Mittun ensured this was possible by creating a fully responsive website that looked good on all devices.


A good website offers its users relevant information. But a great website offers it in a convenient, organized and intuitive way. Mittun creates each site with the user-experience at the forefront, and when a nonprofit comes to us with a vast amount of resources for its community, we make sure each user can find exactly what it is they need.


Testimonials add proof of the nonprofit’s validity, and they deepen the connection potential supporters have with the mission.

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