Mind-1-1 spreads awareness about mental health and educated people on what treatment can look like. Their audience includes people casually browsing resources, and it includes people in crisis. The site needed to be comforting, organized and effective.

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Website Features

Mobile-Friendly/Responsive Design

With mobile use on the rise, it was paramount that the website worked properly and loaded quickly on phones & tablets. Mittun ensured this was possible by creating a fully responsive website that looked good on all devices.

Search for a Resource

A good website offers its users relevant information. But a great website offers it in a convenient, organized and intuitive way. Mittun creates each site with the user-experience at the forefront, and when a nonprofit comes to us with a vast amount of resources for its community, we make sure each user can find exactly what it is they need.

More Filters/Advanced Search

And for the users who don’t know exactly what they need when they land on the site, Mittun builds a path that helps guide them in the right direction.

Log In

Whether it is to build community or to carve out a personal space for individuals, a secure and trustworthy profile section can enhance the experience for users.

Hot Spot Map

Location. Location. Location. Right? When you’re talking about physical locations, listing it out might be helpful to some. But a hot spot map adds clarity and content in a way that text alone cannot convey.

Popup Survey

When done right, a popup prompting users to take a survey can dramatically increase conversions. They can promote content, fuel lead generation, and grow subscription lists efficiently.

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