Prostate Cancer Foundation's Home Run Challenge


The mission is serious, but supporting it is fun. This engaging challenge combines America’s favorite pastime with modern technology to raise awareness and funds in a big way.

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Mobile-Friendly/Responsive Design

With mobile use on the rise, it was paramount that the website worked properly and loaded quickly on phones & tablets. Mittun ensured this was possible by creating a fully responsive website that looked good on all devices.


Adding the stats proves the impact of a mission, and encourages people to donate. Even more so, it connects the nonprofits to its donors by illustrating what you have achieved together.

Team & Individual Leaderboards

Friendly competition goes a long way in driving donations. It can boost how much and how often people are inspired to donate to a cause – without them feeling like they are being strong-armed into generosity. Instead, it is a way to invite them in to the community and feel even more personally connected to the mission.

Fan Leaderboard

We’ve gotta admit, we are nerds about data over at Mittun. So being able to share the data from fundraising efforts in a playful and engaging way combines the best of both worlds in our eyes.

Custom Donations

Donating to an organization is not a one-size-fits-all action. That is why Mittun takes the time to understand how each nonprofit’s supporters prefer to be communicated with and what drives them to give.

Twitter Feed

Adding a social media feed to the site does more than drop in images. It provides social proof of the nonprofit’s validity, grows its followers, and increases the time users spend on a page (which is awesome for SEO).

“Year after year, the Mittun team continues to deploy new strategies, revise old designs & improve our fundraising results. They are absolutely critical to the success of our campaigns and I cannot recommend them enough.”

Elias SlaterThe Prostate Cancer Foundation

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