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Mittun, Inc., a California corporation (“Mittun” or “Mittun Creative” or “Mitten United” or “Mitten United, Inc.” or “we” or “us” or “our”), operates this website and facilitates the production and use of all digital products and services. The words “you,” “your,” “client,” “the client,” “customer,” “the customer,” “tester,” “user,” “beta tester,” “beta user” and “yours” refer to you: the end user, downloader, beta tester, client, customer and/or the user of this website.

This website agreement is between Mittun and you. By downloading our digital goods (free or paid), you agree to the following:

  • You will not steal our code and repurpose it in any way.
  • You understand that the plugin is in beta or pre-launch beta and are using the plugin at your own risk.
  • You will not distribute, re-distribute, share, re-share, edit, modify, copy, duplicate or rebrand any plugin or theme downloaded from our site unless you have purchased a specific license that authorizes you to do so.
  • You understand that any of our beta plugins are owned by Mittun and are subject to copyright laws.
  • You will not publish the plugin as your own.
  • You will not contact any of the featured customers, clients or partners, even if their website address is made publicly available
  • You will not copy any aspect of the plugin, design or functionality.

You also agree to:

  • Provide feedback as requested by Mittun
  • Stop using the plugin requested by Mittun

Additionally, you understand to use the digital products at your own risk.

  • Mittun is not required to support the plugin in any way.
  • Mittun is not responsible for any code conflicts in regards to our plugins, themes, or downloads.
  • Mittun is not responsible if your website experiences issues after downloading, uploading, installing, activating or deactivating the plugin.
  • Mittun is not responsible for your good looks. You are! 😉 However, we are responsible for your good-looking campaigns on your WordPress website!

Refunds for PRO products

Mittun can only provide a refund if ALL of the following conditions are met:

  • The request for a refund is made within 30 days of purchase
  • The purchaser has provided Mittun with WordPress (Admin) login details to confirm proper set up & configuration
  • The purchaser has given Mittun the opportunity to customize & optimize the plugin to their needs
  • The purchaser understands that they are forfeiting all future updates and all opportunities to get another discount code for this PRO product

Privacy Policy & Use of data

Mittun will not sell, distribute or repurpose CLIENT’s data in any way, shape or form outside the use of promotion of Mittun and/or affiliated partners. For example, we may share “yourdomain.com” on our blog if your website is available on the public web and has something, in full or in part, that was created or sourced from Mittun. If your website is a private website that is not available to the public web, then we will not share it outside of your requirements. We respect your privacy. We do no store payment information and we will never try to.

You understand that Mittun may monitor your plugin usage to determine how the plugin is being used and to what capacity. We may use your email for email notifications, email newsletters and other forms of communication relative to the service or plugin you signed up for.  You may ask to be removed at any time. We may use your data as an aggregated whole in combination with other data to accumulate stats, figures and relevant information about our services. Mittun will never give away sensitive information, such as your phone number, your address, or your email address, to anyone outside of our immediate team.


All payments that are processed online at https://mittun.co are securely processed and backed by GoDaddy’s $250,000 SSL insurance policy. Any payment made elsewhere in connection with Mittun will be made through PayPal, Stripe or Freshbooks Payments. Long story short… Your data is safe with us!

Website Use – Privacy Policy

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