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Food Share of Ventura County

2021 Giving Tuesday & End of Year Campaigns Case Study

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An estimated 1 in 6 people in Ventura County struggle with food insecurity. Children, veterans, and seniors are among the population struggling, and many others have to choose between eating or using their limited resources elsewhere – like paying for their medication or utilities.

Food Share of Ventura County needs to run efficiently and fundraise effectively in order to meet the needs of its community.

Here's how they did it during Giving Tuesday and their end of year campaign in 2021.


#Giving Tuesday & EOY Goal

Food Share of Ventura County set a lofty goal between Giving Tuesday and End of Year.
They set out to raise $250,000 to help feed the food insecure community.

The Challenge

Due to the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic and the related economic difficulties, Food Share of Ventura County needed to raise more money during Giving Tuesday and End of Year than they have in any year in recent history.

Instead of navigating it alone,
they teamed up with Mittun.


While Mittun is very experienced in creating web platforms for food bank fundraising and has performed exceptionally well over the past few years as the LA Regional Food Bank’s dedicated digital ad partner, this was their first year working with Food Share.

The Solution

While Mittun was starting from scratch with Food Share, creating brand new ad accounts and getting a quality data infrastructure in place. Partnering with them shortly before the launch of Giving Season, we were able to draw on our past experience, industry knowledge, recent trends, and testing from comparable campaigns to produce directly trackable results and real ROI out of the gate without a significant runway of testing.

Mittun advised on strategy leading up to the launch of the campaigns:

Building a dedicated campaign for Giving Tuesday which the Mittun team turned around from top to bottom in just a matter of days,

Designed and developed ad creative from scratch, including animated GIF banner ads for special media buys,

Advised on offline campaigns (TV, radio, print ads, etc.) and how the digital strategy was to interplay with these more traditional methods,

And Mittun mapped out the campaign architecture across Facebook/Instagram and Google.

When the campaigns were launched, Mittun monitored the progress every step of the way and ensured each step was well executed:

Mittun set up a new Google Ads account on Christmas Day to prepare for a week of highly profitable ads despite no prior testing,

Managed campaigns dynamically, adapting on the fly to steer the campaigns toward the highest possible ROI,

And reported the numbers that mattered in a clear, no-nonsense format to guide Food Share of Ventura County in their decision making for the coming year.

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Vivien MintonFood Share of Ventura County

The Results

Mittun launched the campaign on November 25th to gear up for Giving Tuesday on November 30th. It ran through the end of the year when Food Share of Ventura County completed their 2021 season of giving. And when the final numbers were tallied, everyone was over the moon – especially considering the short notice.






Over goal!

Between the Google Ad campaigns and other digital fundraising efforts, Food Share raised far more than what they set out to achieve – more than double their goal! In the midst of one of the most difficult years and being at a disadvantage not having the history of other campaigns to build off of, Food Share of Ventura County was able to have one of their most successful Giving Tuesday/End of Year campaigns ever, with Mittun assisting across the board in order to help them exceed their self-admittedly ambitious end-of-year goals.

Thank you!

We were honored to be part of such a meaningful and successful fundraising program, and to be able to work with such wonderful people at Food Share. We have continued to partner together on campaigns, and we are excited about this win-win relationship, much like we have with our friends at the LA Regional Food Bank!

Are you ready to see amazing results on your campaigns?

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