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If you’re still using the same clipart logo your cousin Debbie made in Microsoft Word 8 years ago, it might be wise to consider a redesign. Your nonprofit’s logo is shown to potential partners, sponsors, donors, and supporters and can make a lasting first impression.

Below are 6 nonprofit logo designs that are doing things right.

1) Be Clever

What happens if the letter that represents your organization’s name can also be a symbol that represents your values? Awesomeness.
Goodwill Logo - Awesome clever nonprofit logo design
Goodwill’s often-overlooked logo, cleverly disguising the letter ‘g’ within half a smiley face. Or is it the other way around?

2) Simple does it

Nothing crazy, just use the name and swap out a letter or two.
Feeding America Simple logo - Best logo design
Less is more. Feeding America altered one letter and called it a day.

3) Negative space rules

Think outside the box, or inside the panda. If your logo can be in one color, chances are it capitalizes on negative space.
WWF Black and White - Great Non Profit Logo Design
All black and only half there. The WWF logo is a timeless example.

4) Be Bold

Stand out amongst the pack with bold shapes, bold colors and bold fonts.
Bold Black on yellow- Best nonprofit logo designs
Nothing screams “look at me” more than a thick block of black & yellow, and the International Rescue Committee logo does just that.

5) Obvious

There’s often a blurred line between cliché and cool, so it’s critical to find a good balance.
Nonprofit Logo design - non-profit logo design - american heart association BOLD
The American Heart Association logo. It’s obviously not about lung research.

6) Strong Initialism

Some of the world’s most well known brands are simply known for a few letters. Make your brand unique and stand out.
Good logo designs - planned parenthood
Planned Parenthood, with two powerful P’s that may or may not be something else.


Your logo is your brand, a visual representation of your nonprofit organization. Having a great looking logo and a great website for your nonprofit play a crucial role in attracting new supporters and building your brand.

If you have any logos that you love, or if you want to share your organization’s logo, leave them in the comments.


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