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You’ve already determined you need a new website. You’ve got your Wish Lists, your budget and your Pinterest board ready. All you need is that final missing piece. Who is going to build it?

Research First

You’re going to be talking to this agency, probably a lot. You need to like who they are, how they work and their results. Thankfully, you can get much of that information from their very own website. Here are a few key points to explore:

Past Work

Do they have experience with food banks and other nonprofits? You want to ensure they understand the nuance of your exact industry.


Are they WordPress experts? Shopify gurus? SEO wizards?


Are they open about how they work? Prices often vary based on client availability, so if you want to get in there and help, you may be able to reduce your fees. However, if you want the premium, white-glove concierge service to guarantee the best website possible (like Mittun)— then you'll be investing a little bit more.


Are they young and energetic and aware of industry trends? Or are they still using Flash?

Something you can take out of the equation when finding a web agency is location. There are many things in life we choose simply out of geographical convenience – like where we get our Saturday morning bagels or what gym we go to. Web agencies don’t need to be within walking distance. Find the one, wherever it might be, that works best for you.

Then Reach Out

After you’ve narrowed it down to your top 3, it is time to start reaching out.

Get a few quotes

You already know your budget, so the looming question of if you can afford it is gone. But if you are still concerned about the cost, don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself. There are often different payment options available. Premium companies like Mittun offer various packages and a money back guarantee. Knowing that you will recoup your money back and more can alleviate some of that stress.

Ask lots of questions

Just because something isn’t on the website doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Ask about integrations, social media, and video. Ask them about their other capabilities and internal process. Ask about the support included, hosting, warranty, and what happens to the old site. Ask them what you should be asking. They should be the experts and should be able to help guide you through this process.

Go beyond email

Request a demo or conference call with the team who will actually be working on your site. You want to make sure you genuinely connect with them beyond the deliverables and price.

Working with an Agency

Congratulations! You’ve chosen your favorite, the contracts are signed, and everyone is jazzed about the future masterpiece. There will be a time when you can lean back and wait patiently for designs, but there is some work you need to do upfront first.

No matter how amazing the web company you’ve chosen is, no one knows your mission better than you do.

Organizing Content

Handing over files upon files of unorganized copy and untitled images is not very efficient. Instead, do some prep work ahead of time. If the agency knows what assets and information are important, they can design your site to achieve your goals. 

Some content might be able to be pulled from an existing website, and some might need to be created down the line. But having the basics of what defines your nonprofit helps guide the process.

Here are a few items you should have ready to go before the agency begins working.  

Initial Content

Providing Feedback

This whole process is a collaboration. You have extensive knowledge about your nonprofit industry and goals while the agency is an expert in digital strategy and UX. Working together, you can walk away with a winning website. That’s why providing feedback is such a crucial part of the process.

Be Upfront

If you have questions or concerns during the brief, don’t wait until 10 minutes before the site is supposed to launch to bring them up.

Be Specific

The more objective feedback you have (the colors are wrong, the style is too youthful for your elderly clients, etc.), the more on point the revision will be.

Be Open

The expert knows the up-and-coming trends, what’s out of vogue, and the tried-and-true classics of web design. Their idea could take your site somewhere you never imagined.

Are you looking for a digital agency to help with your food bank website?

Contact Mittun for a free assessment today.

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