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An official message from Mittun’s CEO, Shane Michael, June 1, 2020

Racism is absolutely unacceptable. 

At Mittun, we will not tolerate this behavior. And we will do everything we can to help push for true, everlasting, positive change.

We started this company on a mission to liberate the world from bad design. We are committed to helping improve the design of the world, whether that be for the pixels or for the people.

If you have a cause that supports anti-racism & social justice, we want to help.

To put our words into action, Mittun will design, build and host qualified nonprofit organization’s website for free, in the name of anti-racism.

Similarly, if you’ve been effected by the recent events and want to fundraise online and campaign for your cause, Mittun will design, build and host your fundraising page for free.

Due to limited resources we are only able to help the first few organizations that apply.

Submit all requests and apply to

We are human. We are one. We are anti-racist.

With gratitude,



Shane Michael

Chief Executive Officer at Mittun, Inc