Riding On Insulin is a global nonprofit that “empowers, activates and connects the global diabetes community through shared experience and action sports.” Basically, what they do is really rad. They sponsor and organize a variety of camps for 7-17 year old kids with type 1 diabetes to encourage them to live active lifestyles while maintaining control of their diabetes. Kids can partake in snowboarding and skiing camps (the flagship of the organization) in addition to BMX camps, bicycling events and more.

Mitten United took their existing branding and molded it into an innovative, visually-striking and easy-to-navigate web solution that’s a top competitor across multiple industries. The site utilizes responsive design, which means the content rearranges and looks good on any screen size, including your smartphone. Through the use of Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3, page load times are super quick and interactivity is fluid and intuitive. Take a moment to click (or tap) around!

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