Mitten United (MU) is thrilled to announce yet another action sports partnership. MU is teaming up with The Action Sports Alliance.

The Action Sports Alliance is an organization that fights for female action sports athletes. MU has joined forces to re-vamp the Alliances website, and completely re-brand this amazing organization. Having worked with other action sports based operations such as Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC), MU feels right at home doing work with these companies. It doesn’t hurt either that the team at MU has an extreme personal passion for the action sports.

Whether riding the slopes, the waves, or the concrete, Mitten United lives and breathes this unique lifestyle. Add that with a passion for design that is unrivaled in this industry and the pairing of these two organizations is a perfect match.

“This is what we do. We understand action sports, and we understand the design aspects that work for this industry.  Creating a visual experience that draws someone in and really connects with them… that feeling is just as awesome as a killer powder day or landing a new trick. This partnership will only cultivate good things.” –Shane Hernandez

Keep your eyes on MU! There are exciting things to come!

Check out the new Action Sports Alliance site, here:

— Aaron Holmes

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