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We’re still thinking back on our awesome experience at the Classy Collaborative in Boston last month and wanted to share it with you! 

What is the Classy Collaborative?

It’s a 3-day experience that is designed for nonprofit professionals and social impact leaders to learn, share, and get inspired. 

The Collaborative is a conference like no other. It’s not in a typical ballroom of a hotel but instead, is located in a Warehouse at Flynn Cruiseport Boston. Unfamiliar with this building? It’s a renovated World War I warehouse and one of the largest waterfront venues in the city.

The energetic environment of the collaborative is addicting. There are so many smiling, friendly faces, that make you excited to come back each day.

Mittun was a sponsor this year located in the Solutions Hub. We met many new faces, had a lot of great conversations, and learned so much in only a few days.


Here’s a breakdown of the event:

Day 1

The Mittun team arrived at the Collaborative ready to take on the day! The event kicked off with the first Keynote speaker: Scot Chisholm, CEO of Classy. Who begun by sharing about the state of the industry to raise more awareness and drive the attendees to actively learn, share, and grow their impact.

We also heard a snippet from Scott Harrison, CEO of Charity Water who discussed how innovation and hyper-transparency will continue to play a role in our future.

Then we had the rest of the day to attend a various amount of sessions and to explore, listen, and connect with others.

Day 2

In the late morning, our very own Shane Michael, CEO of Mittun held a workshop to share about Streamlining Your Website to Save Time and Money. We had a full house and so many people excited to learn more about our passion and bettering their nonprofit websites

During this workshop, Shane discussed:

  1. Being transparent and making better decisions with visualizations
  2. Becoming more effective with simple systems
  3. Using certain technology to grow and thrive with a solid foundation
  4. ClassyPress – a plugin to create customizable donation forms right on your website
  5. Common website bottlenecks and how to overcome these.

If you missed this workshop and want to learn more about streamlining your website, click HERE.



Day 3

The last day was shorter than the previous two but still filled with plenty of educating sessions, conversations, and even food trucks and dancing! We all celebrated all that we’d learned, shared, and the connections we made over food and drinks in the warehouse.

Again, we are so grateful to have been able to attend the 2019 Classy Collaborative, to share our love for nonprofit websites, and for the knowledge and connections we gained. See you all at the next Collab!





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