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Looking for a way to drive in more donations but feel like you’re doing everything right? Have you considered redesigning your donation page on your nonprofit website to create a more positive user experience, one that’s mobile-friendly (more than 50% of your website views are from phones), and appealing to all viewers?

There are plenty of ways to enhance your donation page. Here’s what we recommend getting started with:
  1. Use a donation plugin to assist with overall design & appearance, functionality, and ease of use. Don’t know what plugins to look into? We put together a list of a few of our favorites. View the list →
  2. Using Classy but want to include the donation form on your website? We’ve got a plugin for that! ClassyPress: add your Classy Fundraising Campaigns directly to your website. Learn More about ClassyPress →
  3. Need more help? We have a page with all sorts of nonprofit resources just for you. Show me the resources →
Below are a few nonprofit donation pages that got a killer makeover.


1.) Los Angeles Regional Food Bank





2.) The Youth Movement

3.) Slam Type 1 Diabetes

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